Clerkenwell Loft

Industrial Loft Refurbishment

Clerkenwell, London

Completed 2013


Stephen was Project Architect for this project at InsideOut.


The building that houses this unique urban apartment, Warner House, has a provocative industrial aesthetic, with exposed concrete beams and columns throughout its interior.  These original structural elements were deemed to be far more interesting and emotive than the more recent additions, and the redesign focussed on enhancing their prominence.

Work began by stripping the old apartment back to its basic shell and exposing the dramatic geometry of the concrete beams.  A number of spaces were then "inserted" including a TV room, 2 bedrooms, separate family and guest bathrooms, a utility room and an adaptable guest bedroom. By stopping the new partitions short of the undersides of the beams, we expressed these inserts as something added to the space, secondary to the primary structure.

In the large open plan living space we added a bespoke island kitchen to provide a focal point of activity.  A suspended aluminium profile provides functional downlighting while simultaneously uplighting the concrete soffit to create a comfortable warm atmosphere, giving the clients the flexibility they require.

Above all, the design provides a tranquil family home amidst the hustle and bustle of the city centre.