Architects are a flexible and creative group of people, capable of doing a lot more than many people often realise.  Yes, architects design and draw buildings, but more than this an architect's role is to advise on all aspects of a building project or property related task. They will help you clarify and develop your ideas, draw up a programme to meet your requirements and then develop a design solution taking into account site constraints and opportunities as well as cost and legal parameters. 

In the UK, the services that architects offer can be more or less broken down into 3 categories - normal services, other services and specialist services.


While all architects are competent to carry out normal services, some develop specialisms, for instance dealing with historic and Listed buildings or urban design and masterplanning. Architects will also have built up specific experience and skills leading to a degree of specialism. A practice may concentrate on projects within a particular price range, sector (retail, healthcare, domestic work etc) or may restrict themselves to working within a specific area.  Where a particular task falls outside of an architect's scope, they will be able to advise you of the right consultant for the job.


Here you will be able to download our introductory guide to the various services an architect can offer, based on the standard RIBA scope of services.