Miskin Road

Residential Extension

Dartford, Kent

Completion Due 2019

This semi-detached home in suburban Dartford is a great example of how quality can trump quantity. 

When we first visited the site in early 2018, the house already had a large rear extension that provided little benefit to the original house.  The client explained how the number of small, claustrophobic spaces within the extension were uncomfortable to be in and provided no real connection to the generous garden beyond.

Our task was simple - replace this compartmentalised extension with a new social heart at the rear of the house, spilling out into the garden.  Instead of placing the new extension directly behind the existing house, we offset it to create new vistas and improve daylighting.  We reconnected the old living room to the garden, with a direct view out to a new planter bed.  The extension, which would otherwise be north-facing, was given a dual aspect to take advantage of sunlight.

New brick creates  a distinctly modern extension that nestles comfortably into the brick suburb., while the zinc roof appears like a tray of vegetation perched atop the walls, providing a planted fringe to the garden elevation.