Fanny Wilkinson

Folly for LFA2018

"Interpreted Identities"

Bankside, London

Completed 2018

In spring 2018, SKA was invited to participate in an exhibition for the London Festival of Architecture.  Titled Interpreted Identities, the collection sought to commemorate 100 years since women earned the right to vote.  Each participant was asked to choose an "extraordinary woman" from the area and create a sculptural piece to represent her identity. 


Our folly is a tribute to the character of Fanny Rollo Wilkinson, the UK's first female landscape architect.  Fanny graduated, after notable resistance, from the Crystal Palace School of Landscape Gardening, before embarking on a successful career that included the Red Cross Garden in Bankside.


The black cage represents the social constraints of the late 19th Century, inside which creativity is stifled and life subdued.  A single tree rises up to escape these constraints by cutting through the glass ceiling, not in a reckless manner but with determined and deliberate intent. Once free, it has room to explore its full potential.