Rowena Crescent

Residential Extension


Completion Due 2019

In many ways, Rowena Crescent is just like any other Victorian terraced house in London, yet in some of the most important details it is not.  The curved street gives the plan a skewed geometry, with the house narrowing towards the rear.  The existing kitchen has a ceiling that's only 2.2m tall, which didn't suit our particularly tall client.  And then there's the garden, which is only around 4m deep at the end of a long kitchen dining space.

Our first decision was to lower the floor in this area of flood risk, which introduced technical challenges that we had to overcome in an affordable way.

Next, we resolved to make the garden more than a small leftover space at the rear of the property, expressing it as an extension of the interior space.  We created a horizontal "plinth" that would continue through the minimal glazing to connect inside and out, expressing the depth to which the house had been sunken into the ground..  

In long spaces such as this, with limited outlook to the rear, it is also important to provide some connection to the outside world.  We did this by introducing a 7.5m long continuous rooflight that stitched the side and rear extensions together.  In the end, we took a compact, inward looking space and gave it an obvious and dynamic connection to the outside world.