Tamworth Flat

Interior Refurbishment

Croydon, London

Completed 2018

The refurbishment of this flat in central Croydon demonstrates that even small, low-budget refurbishments can achieve something special.  For this project, the clients decided to take on a lot of the project management and construction work themselves, providing a budget for quality design work.  

When they purchased the flat it was a fixer-upper, but at 72sqm provided much better value than the standard housing market.  After some initial investigations, it became clear that all internal partitions were load bearing, and that it would be difficult to change the layouts.  Only the bathrooms were changed from their original format, to provide a new walk-in shower.

Much of the effort went into carefully considered yet affordable details, such as bespoke plywood joinery around window reveals, or surface fixed conduit that dealt with the solid concrete soffits.  In the bedroom, plaster was removed to reveal an interesting brick surface below.


The total construction budget was less than £35,000, but it completely transformed this flat into a bright and exciting home for young professionals.