Warwick Drive

Residential Extension


Completion Due 2019

This unusual terrace in SW15 is a pseudo-Georgian terrace built in the middle of the 20th Century.  As designers, we enjoyed how different the house and the estate were from the Victorian London norms.

The existing house had a small lean-to extension and conservatory, which we are replacing with a dedicated extension designed to open up the interior of the house. The shape of the proposed extension is quite different from what the clients' initial expectations, as we sought to address the oblique garden to the rear.  This created the kinked shape in plan.  And by extending the full width of the property, we introduced a window back into a newly created courtyard at the heart of the property.

The architectural approach was drawn from the existing terrace, which had a odd, low-pitched roof with a dramatic overhang.  We created a similar low pitched roof to the extension, acting as a mirror of sorts for the roof behind.  By creating a small overhang, we were able to exaggerate this horizontal datum, making it a ky design feature.

Internally, we are applying a simple batten ceiling over the joists, which will double up as an acoustic absorber within the space.  This simple move created a real sense of drama at the rear of the property, a sense of arrival the connects the clients to their rear garden.