Stephen Kavanagh Architects is a full service architecture and design practice.   We offer design and procurement services on new buildings and restorations from inception through to completion.

Our main services include:

  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design

  • Masterplanning

  • Low Energy / Passivhaus Design

  • Joinery and Furniture Design

  • Contract Administration

We apply our skills and expertise to residential, commercial and cultural projects, bound by a common ambition to make thoughtful, uplifting and positive spaces.

We will be adding a guide to our full scope of services soon, so stay tuned.

"On a professional level, Stephen worked tirelessly for us and was a major driving force in ensuring that the builders stayed on track and paid attention to the smallest details. Personally, Stephen was fantastic to deal with, explained difficult concepts simply and was a reassuring voice during the project.  I would recommend Stephen to anyone looking to do something similar and personally intend to hire him again".  Al and Emily.

"We were incredibly impressed with the energy and enthusiasm Stephen brought to the project despite not being involved from the start.  He is always well prepared and takes his work seriously, even on a relatively small project like ours.  He helped to diffuse a few tense situations with the builders when there was an unfortunate budget dispute. We are very happy that Stephen became involved and that he still managed to incorporate a few of his excellent ideas even at a fairly late stage."   Nicola and Jaco


Our process follows the RIBA Plan of Work, a flexible framework that helps clients to understand the specific services they are receiving.

The Plan is divided into 8 Work Stages from "0 - Strategic Definition" through to "7 - In Use" and everything in between. 


Many clients will appoint us for the full design process through to completion, while some choose to appoint us for specific tasks or on a stage by stage basis. We suggest that each appointment is tailored to the specific needs of a project.

The design process itself is fluid and iterative.  We start by listening carefully to the client's requirements, propose imaginative solutions and continually refine the design right through to the construction phase.

To understand the process better, you can read our Introductory Guide for New Clients here.


"It was a big project and we wanted to get it done as quickly as possible, and Steve proved himself to be patient, creative, realistic (in terms of budgets and functionality), hard working, practical and efficient. He was a good communicator throughout and meetings with him were a pleasure."   Sophie and Sam

"We live in a small house in a conservation area so architectural design has had to squeeze value out of every inch of internal space. Stephen has come up with some very creative solutions in response to the brief, maximising sense of space and always thinking ahead to detailing and finishes.  He’s built a strong relationship with the contractor but has not shied away from making him take down and re-do work when this does not conform to drawings or spec. He’s kept the programme on track so we will complete to schedule. Very happy to recommend Stephen."  

Jon and Flo



At SKA, we strongly believe in a collaborative process that utilises the unique knowledge and expertise of all involved. 

We know architecture, and we know how to deliver beautiful buildings.  But it is by learning from others, and integrating their expertise into our designs that we create great buildings.

We work with a network of contractors, consultants and specialist designers who continue to add real value to what we do.

We also look to engage with our local community and give back where we can.  We are in the process of setting up a workshop program in aid of a South London charity, so watch this space for more details.