EDI Lounge
EDI Lounge
EDI Airport Lounge

Completed  2019

In collaboration with InsideOut.

This new airport lounge, at the extended Edinburgh Airport, was an evolution of the client's brand and aesthetic ambitions.  How do we make a large open space feel intimate and welcoming.

A layered curved ceiling helped define the main areas within the lounge - bar, bistro, library and relaxation space.  The bar formed the central pivot on the plan, defined by the dark acoustic ceiling recess that adds to the soft relaxing atmosphere.  Fine vertical lines gave a sense of texture and quality to the curved joinery, intentionally designed into have an informal and asymmetric geometry so that guests felt free to wander about the space.  Behind the bar lies a discreet library, isolated from the main open space to provide some tranquility and privacy for those looking to get some work done.

The lounge, as built, is merely Phase 1 of a larger project, and had to be designed to allow seamless expansion around these core spaces.  The extensive catering kitchens will provide food and drink for up to 200 guests once complete.